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Since its inception, Union Memorial Baptist Church has a rich history in the Westminster, Maryland community. Men and women of all ages and from various cultural backgrounds come to worship here and are comforted and welcomed by all.

​Union Memorial Baptist Church has served as a center for religious activity in the Westminster community since 1881. The church began in a wooded area near Willow Street in Westminster MD. The gallery on the East side of the church was set apart for colored people. The Carroll County land records show, on February 8, 1878 Upton Roop deeded land to William and Ellen Oursler and on September 8, 1878 Mr. and Mrs. Oursler deeded this land to Reverend Robert H. Young. Under the leadership of Reverend Robert H. Young, it was formerly deeded as the Baptist Church for colored people. The original structure was located at 298 Green Street and for 70 years the congregation worshiped under the name Union Church of Westminster until 1951 or 1952 when the church was renamed Union Memorial Baptist Church. On March 28, 1977 Union Memorial Baptist Church suffered structual damages after a severe storm and  the county condemned  the building.​​​​  It  took  6  long years  but  in 1983 Reverend Robert S. Jones and the congregation were able to construct the present day facility and reopened the doors at 160 S Center Street Westminster Maryland. The sanctuary represents the gifts and hard work of many.​​

Over the decades, the legacy of Union Memorial Baptist Church has been enriched through the strong commitment of its pastoral leadership and its congregation.

The Pastoral Legacy:

Reverend Robert H. Young (1880 - 1883) 

​Reverend Harvey Johnson (1883 - ?)

Reverend Times (?) Reverend George West (1917 - ?) Reverend King (?)

Reverend Truhart (1930 - ?) Reverend William Martin (1935 - ?)        

Reverend John W Morse (1945 - 1965) Reverend Henry (1965 - 1967) 

Reverend Rayfield Gillard (1967 - 1983) Reverend Robert Jones (1983 - 1985)

Reverend Henry Cook (1985 - 1987) Reverend James E Hinton (1987 - 2006)

Reverend Edwin C Smith (2006 -  Present)