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​​UMBChurch  Reverend Edwin C Smith - Leading the Flock since 2006

The Pastoral Legacy:

Reverend Robert H. Young (1880 - 1883) 
​Reverend Harvey Johnson (1883 - ?)
Reverend Times (?)

Reverend George West (1917 - ?) Reverend King (?)
Reverend Truhart (1930 - ?)

Reverend William Martin (1935 - ?)        
Reverend John W Morse (1945 - 1965) Reverend Henry (1965 - 1967) 
Reverend Rayfield Gillard (1967 - 1983) Reverend Robert Jones (1983 - 1985)
Reverend Henry Cook (1985 - 1987) Reverend James E Hinton (1987 - 2006)
Reverend Edwin C Smith (2006 - Present)


Pastor Smith's Personal Affirmation:

Not by works of righteousness which we have done; but according to His mercy he has saved us by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost   Titus 3:5

Reverend Edwin C. Smith is a native of Baltimore Maryland and the Pastor of Union Memorial Baptist Church.  He was first called to the Gospel Ministry when he was a member of First Baptist Church of Winans located in Baltimore Maryland. Here Pastor   Smith followed in  the  footprints  of his father, the late Reverend Dr. George W. Smith, Sr. (the late   Reverend  Dr. served     the church from 1967 until 1980).

By staying steadfast and true to his calling, Pastor Smith has achieved his     Bachelor and Master's Degrees and is currently enrolled at the United Baptist College and Seminary in Baltimore Maryland  striving  to reach  the pinnacle of his education, his Doctorate Degree.  He is an avid reader of the bible and has a   passion for studying and exegeting the Word of God. Pastor Smith believes       expository preaching is the avenue and vehicle by which the congregation is able to grasp the true appreciation and richness of God’s Word. It is through  expository preaching people are able to see, hear, evaluate and make conscious decisions about Jesus Christ.

​Pastor  Smith   received   his    pastoral    license   on   February 2, 1992   and  was   catechized and ordained  on August 9th   1996   at the    Canaan Baptist Church by   Rev. Dr. Russell Groves.  As   Pastor Smith   grew   in   his   faith his   commitment to     serve also grew.     For seven   years   he   served  as  an   Associated   Minister   at   St. Paul Baptist Church under the leadership  of  the late  Rev.  Dr.  Cleveland C. Alexander.  At   St.  Paul Baptist Church  he  also  served as Director   of   the  New  Member Ministry   and   as   a   teacher in the  Ministry of Christian Education.​

​Reverend    Smith has served as pastor of Union Memorial Baptist Church since January 1, 2006. He is happily  married to First Lady, Sister Sonia Smith and has been since July 22, 2000. He is a graduate of Southern High School Baltimore Maryland.